Curtains fixing Dubai

Curtains fixing Dubai


Curtains Fixing Dubai Can curtain be fixed on any type of wall within your home in Dubai and UAE In Dubai and UAE, homes have different type of wallsconcretepillar, normal block, gypsum, etc. It might therefore not be possible to fix curtains on all these type of walls, due to the weight of the curtain rods and the strength of the wall. If not cautious, incorrectly fixing curtain rods can lead to accidents. A professional handyman can help you with ensuring a safe curtain fixing by keeping in mind the type and strength of the wall.

Handyman-Slime Dubai is here to serve our those clients who are facing problems regarding their Curtains, Blinds, Shades, Drapery panels, Valances, Cornices, Shutters, Window Treatment, Panel Curtains. Handyman-Slime   is your best option in Dubai for all kinds of problems regarding curtains, Shades or Blinds.

Handyman-Slime provides services for Blinds Repair, Curtains Repair Rails, Curtains Installation, Curtains Rod fixing in Dubai. For curtains to appear their best, their rods must be installed appropriately. We are familiar with all types of curtain rods, hence the installation process doesn’t take us long to complete. Besides installing rods, we can also open handedly provide advice on the kind of curtains that suits your rooms. We believe this saves our clients time and money. We offer the best and the cheapest services in Dubai because we believe in quality service not in money.

We can provide you service 24 hours a day almost every day of the year. We can help you solve all those niggling little issues around your home; a dripping tap, a binding door,Curtains Fixing Dubai a defective light switch, even that shelf that just won’t hang itself; all when it suits your schedule.
In most cases we can arrive within 4 hours and carry and array of fasteners and fixing along with silicones and glues that can fix 90% or your issues without a visit to a local DIY shop.

Fully insured


All of our handyman are fully trained with years of experience and hold professional qualifications relevant to your problems. As a co-op our business grows through the hard work of everyone, as each and every member has an interest in serving customers Curtains Fixing Dubai.

Clear & fair pricing


Our pricing follows four clear formats:

  1. Pay as you go & out of hours
  2. Fixed pricing
  3. Painting & decorating
  4. Visit & quote

What’s more when you call to book us we take as much information on your tasks as possible and give you a fair estimate right there and then Garage Door Repair Dubai.

We have experience in fitting all kinds of blinds, depending on the coverage you need, the style you want to achieve, and the budget you have. So, don’t hesitate to call us for the installation of: With booking our Curtain fitting service in Dubai, you can count on our quality assurance, which guarantees that the job will be performed with diligence, with precision in taking all the correct measurements and by applying strong attention to detail.Sliding door repair Dubai Mobile Repair Dubai

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