Picture hanging Dubai

Picture hanging Dubai


Picture Hanging Dubai No more nail holes, cracked plaster or sticky residue. Picture Hanging Dubai Strips make decorating quick and easy. One click tells you Picture Hanging Strips are locked in and holding tight. Best of all, when you are ready to take down or move your pictures, they come off cleanly. An extensive range of display fixtures and fittings for the optimal and flexible display of paintings, white-boards, clocks etc. without damage to walls. Recommended for commercial, public and private buildings where art will enhance the working and living environment.

Particularly specified for art galleries, museums, boardrooms, hallways, stairwells and restaurants. A quick and easy way to hang drawings, posters, postcards. Without using any drawing pins or tapes etc. Great for offices, schools, galleries, studios. All manner of accessories for our Picture Hanging and everything in between;

Picture Hanging Dubai


The Beta system is very strong, simple to use. The hanging rods are rigid steel so that in most cases you can reposition your paintings whilst standing on the floor and they maintain their integrity far more when hanging heavier pictures than cheaper Aluminum alternatives. The rail and hangers can be painted to match your walls. We use Avanti standard hangers if want to use clear nylon or stainless steel cable on the same rail. The classic stately home hanging system. The Beta brass collection combines the simplicity and strength of its standard range with the classical appearance and beauty of brass Bicycle Repair Dubai.

The Avanti system is unique to us and is extremely versatile. Surface mounted on the wall, recessed into the wall, on the top edge of a partition or panel, even on the ceiling! It takes either stainless steel cable or clear nylon hangers. The Locator system is extremely discreet. The fixings are hidden from view, all you see is a smooth flat surface with the stainless steel cable or clear nylon hanger discreetly emerging from the bottom edge. The Locator system is a good place to start. Very neat and discreet, good for pictures up to 20kgs. Hidden fixings.

Pictures Frame Services List:

Ideal use: In the home, office, gallery shop, etc. Almost invisible when fixed under coving. High quality, virtually knot free pine molding. Design typical of the Victorian period. Can be supplied with pre-drilled countersunk holes and wooden plugs to conceal the fixings. Hanging and lighting from one rail! Low voltage, very discreet. Combined with the flexibility of the Locator range of hangers and hooks, complete freedom of picture display and lighting is achieved.

The Locator Mini system has the discreet quality as the Locator Classic but is even smaller, the fixings are hidden from view and all you see is a smooth flat surface with the stainless steel cable or clear nylon hanger discreetly emerging from the bottom edge. The Locator Mini system has the discreet quality as the Locator but is even slimmer. Still holds pictures up to 20kgs.

Picture Hanging Nadd Al Shiba Third,
Picture Hanging Nad Shamma,
Picture Hanging Naif,
Picture Hanging Al Muteena First,
Picture Hanging Al Muteena Second,
Picture Hanging Al Nasr, Dubai,
Picture Hanging port Saeed,
Picture Hanging Arabian Ranches,
Picture Hanging Ras Al Khor,
Picture Hanging Ras Al Khor Industrial First,
Picture Hanging Ras Al Khor Industrial Second,
Picture Hanging Ras Al Khor Industrial Third,
Picture Hanging Rigga Al Buteen,
Picture Hanging Springs,
Picture Hanging Meadows,
Picture Hanging Trade Centre 1,
Picture Hanging Trade Centre 2,
Picture Hanging Umm Al Sheif,
Picture Hanging Umm Hurair First,
Picture Hanging Umm Hurair Second,
Picture Hanging Umm Ramool,
Picture Hanging Umm Suqeim First,
Picture Hanging Umm Suqeim Second,
Picture Hanging Umm Suqeim Third,
Picture Hanging Wadi Alamardi,
Picture Hanging Warsan First,
Picture Hanging Warsan Second,
Picture Hanging Za’abeel First,
Picture Hanging Za’abeel Second,
Picture Hanging Knowledge Village,
Picture Hanging Media City,
Picture Hanging  Internet City,
Picture Hanging The Greens,
Picture Hanging Discovery Gardens,
Picture Hanging Green Community,
Picture Hanging Jebel Ali Gardens,
Picture Hanging Aykon city,
Picture Hanging Tcom city,
Picture Hanging Downtown Dubai,
Picture Hanging Elite Residence,
Picture Hanging Sports City,
Picture Hanging Business Bay,
Picture Hanging Falcon City,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Village Triangle,
Picture Hanging Sheikh Zaid Road,
Picture Hanging Polo Homes,
Picture Hanging Studio City,
Picture Hanging The Garden Dubai,
Picture Hanging  Marina,
Picture Hanging Mudon villa,
Picture Hanging Flamingo Villa,
Picture Hanging The Lakes,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Hights,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Islands,
Picture Hanging production city,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Golf Estate,
Picture Hanging Mudon,
Picture Hanging The Sustainable city,
Picture Hanging Layan,
Picture Hanging Al Waha,
Picture Hanging lifestyle city,

Picture Hanging Al Satwa,
Picture Hanging Al Shindagha,
Picture Hanging Al Souq Al Kabeer,
Picture Hanging Al Twar First,
Picture Hanging Al Twar Second,
Picture Hanging Al Twar Third,
Picture Hanging Al Warqa’a Fifth,
Picture Hanging Al Warqa’a First,
Picture Hanging Al Warqa’a Fourth,
Picture Hanging Al Warqa’a Second,
Picture Hanging Al Warqa’a Third,
Picture Hanging Al Wasl,
Picture Hanging Al Waheda,
Picture Hanging Ayal Nasir,
Picture Hanging Aleyas,
Picture Hanging Bu Kadra,
Picture Hanging Investment park First,
Picture Hanging Investment Park Second,
Picture Hanging Media City,
Picture Hanging Internet City,
Picture Hanging Emirates Hill First,
Picture Hanging Emirates Hill Second,
Picture Hanging Emirates Hill Third,
Picture Hanging Hatta,
Picture Hanging Hor Al Anz,
Picture Hanging Hor Al Anz East,
Picture Hanging Jebel Ali 1,
Picture Hanging Jebel Ali 2,
Picture Hanging Jebel Ali Industrial,
Picture Hanging Jebel Ali Palm,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah First,
Picture Hanging Palm Jumeirah,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Second,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Third,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah 1,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah 2,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah 3,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Park,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Village circle,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Dirstricts,
Picture Hanging Arabian Renches,
Picture Hanging Motor City,
Picture Hanging Silicon Osis,
Picture Hanging Jumeirah Beach Residence,
Picture Hanging Al Wasl,
Picture Hanging Al Safa,
Picture Hanging Umm Al Sheif,
Picture Hanging Umm Suqiem,
Picture Hanging Madinat Jumeirah,
Picture Hanging Al Mankhool,
Picture Hanging Marsa Dubai,
Picture Hanging Meadows,
Picture Hanging Mirdif,
Picture Hanging Muhaisanah Fourth,
Picture Hanging Muhaisanah Second,
Picture Hanging Muhaisanah Third,
Picture Hanging Muhaisnah First,
Picture Hanging Al Mushrif,
Picture Hanging Nad Al Hammar,
Picture Hanging Nadd Al Shiba Fourth,
Picture Hanging Nadd Al Shiba Second,

Picture Hanging Abu Hail,
Picture Hanging Al Awir First,
Picture Hanging Al Awir Second,
Picture Hanging Al Bada,
Picture Hanging Al Baraha,
Picture Hanging Al Barsha First,
Picture Hanging Al Barsha Second,
Picture Hanging Al Barsha South First,
Picture Hanging Al Barsha South Second,
Picture Hanging Al Barsha South Third,
Picture Hanging Al Barsha Third,
Picture Hanging Al Buteen,
Picture Hanging Al Dhagaya,
Picture Hanging Al Furjan,
Picture Hanging Al Garhoud,
Picture Hanging Al Guoz Fourth,
Picture Hanging Al Hamriya, Dubai,
Picture Hanging Al Hamriya Port,
Picture Hanging Al Hudaiba,
Picture Hanging Al Jaddaf,
Picture Hanging Al Jafiliya,
Picture Hanging Al Karama,
Picture Hanging Al Khabisi,
Picture Hanging Al Khwaneej First,
Picture Hanging Al Khwaneej Second,
Picture Hanging Al Kifaf,
Picture Hanging Al Mamzar,
Picture Hanging Al Manara,
Picture Hanging Al Merkad,
Picture Hanging Al Mina,
Picture Hanging Al Mizhar First,
Picture Hanging Al Mizhar Second,
Picture Hanging Al Muraqqabat,
Picture Hanging Al Murar,
Picture Hanging Al Sabkha,
Picture Hanging Al Muteena
Picture Hanging Al Nahda First,
Picture Hanging Al Nahda Second,
Picture Hanging Al Quoz First,
Picture Hanging Al Quoz Industrial First,
Picture Hanging Al Quoz Industrial Fourth,
Picture Hanging Al Quoz Industrial Second,
Picture Hanging Al Quoz Industrial Third,
Picture Hanging Al Quoz Second,
Picture Hanging Al Quoz Third,
Picture Hanging Al Qusais First,
Picture Hanging Al Qusais Industrial Fifth,
Picture Hanging Al Qusais Industrial First,
Picture Hanging Al Qusais Industrial Fourth,
Picture Hanging Al Qusais Industrial Second,
Picture Hanging Al Qusais Industrial Third,
Picture Hanging Al Qusais Second,
Picture Hanging Al Qusais Third,
Picture Hanging Al Raffa,
Picture Hanging Al Ras,
Picture Hanging Al Rashidiya,
Picture Hanging Al Rigga,
Picture Hanging Al Safa First,
Picture Hanging Al Safa Second,
Picture Hanging Al Safouh First,
Picture Hanging Al Safouh Second,

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